• Water Research Making a Difference

    Water Research Making a Difference

    My vision is to do water cycle research that makes a difference. Performing basic research and peer-reviewed publication is critical to build a foundation.  But it is equally important to make sure that that research is useful by partnering with stakeholders to build solutions …

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  • Hydrometeorological Field Work

    Hydrometeorological Field Work

    I have extensive experience connecting hydrologic data in extremely diverse conditions.  This is a picture of a eddy covarianve evaporation and carbon flux tower that he deployed at Buffalo Pass, Colorado.  I have made a large variety of hydrological observations, including water chemistry in the …

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  • Vision, Build and Grow

    Vision, Build and Grow

    I am a visionary and a builder - My passion is to look to the future, visualize a future capability, then design and build the solution.  Then I take great joy in nurturing these ideas and seeing them grow.  Professionally, I have seen many such …

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  • Sustainable Water Resources

    Sustainable Water Resources

    This is me (center) at the California Aqueduct Intertie project, advising on water science and engineering alternatives for providing sustainable water supplies to Southern California.

    My sustainable water resource attention is focused on using cutting-edge science tools coupled with scientific integrity, data stewardship, peer …

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  • Hydrologic Data Assimilation

    Hydrologic Data Assimilation

    I am a pioneer in the field of Hydrologic Data Assimilation, having performed among the first research in soil moisture, snow, and surface temperature assimilation. Data Assimilation combines observations into a dynamical model, using the model’s equations to provide time continuity …

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  • Land Information System

    Land Information System

    I started the Land Information System (LIS) project in 2002, and it continues to be developed at NASA and used for a wide range of applications. LIS is a high performance land surface modeling and data assimilation system that won the NASA 2005 …

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  • Water Resource Exploration

    Water Resource Exploration

    I have worked with industry partners to explore water resource availability in water-scarce regions, such as this 2011 water balance study for Jordan.  A plethora of land surface conditions are being observed, which need to be interpreted and transitioned into decision …

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  • Passion for the Environment

    Passion for the Environment

    I have always loved and enjoyed the natural environment – from flying kites on the Pacific coast to hiking  in the Rockies.  This is a shot of catch and release fishing on the upper Colorado River. I have long had …

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Dr. Paul R. Houser: Curriculum Vitae

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